The Great Nellie's Pool Tadpole hunt

October 21, 1995, 9:00 pm

21 October 1995

party:Jessica, Douglas, ANH, JMV, PGS

We left Duignam Road quite late in the afternoon, walked along Boyes Drive to the St James bend, and wound our way up the cliff path. Jessica did very well, but had to be carried up the last section. Joan and I went exploring on the slopes...

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7 October 1995 [pgs]

party:JMV, ANH, pgs

We walked up Main Track, through the Amphitheatre and across the newish path to Bertie's Balcony. From there, we stayed on the same level, and went to Tea Cave, which we surveyed. Joan took quite a while to come up to the cave, as she was determined to...

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Ceres, Vlermuis, Swaelskrans

October 1, 1995, 9:00 pm

1 October 1995 [pgs]

party:JMV, Daryll Holland, Ed Berry, pgs, ANH (leader)

The day started with Anthony's bakkie catching fire on the N1. We left our leader waiting for the AA, and proceeded leaderless to Swaelkrans, on the UCT mountain and ski property.

I showed the others the surveyed part...

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De Hoop, Vaalkrans

September 25, 1995, 9:00 pm

23,24,25 September 1995 [pgs]

party:Butcher family, Hitchcock family, JMV, Daryll, pgs

Vaalkrans Cave

De Hoop

By Peter Swart

27 September 1995


The sea caves of De Hoop have been known for many years, but interest in the area was damped during the 1980s when Armscor incorpo...

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Peninsula Mountain Forum

September 18, 1995, 9:00 pm

18 September 1995 [pgs]


The Life of Brian has nothing on this. Demands and principals galore. What was decided was that the committee would put all the concerns raised during the meeting, into a document, which should be forwarded to the Kahn Commission. Really hard hitting stuff this!...

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