February 28, 1993, 9:00 pm

28 February 1993 [pgs]


Anthony forgot his boots, that was why I could read the whole goon show. I arrived at the parking area near the dam in the Silvermine Nature reserve at 9h15, and read The Pevensy Bay Disaster Goon show script, while I waited for Joan and Anthony. I managed to...

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Crassula Cave

February 21, 1993, 9:00 pm

21 February 1993 [pgs]


A terrible day to be sure. Never has so much effort been expended by so few to achieve so little. We arrived at Duignam Road at about 10h00. After inviting Joan up the mountain, we settled down to wait. We finally left Jessica with Granny, and started to c...

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Tjoklet's Grotto

February 14, 1993, 9:00 pm

14 February 1993 [pgs]


Leaving Jessica to look after Granny Pat and Joan, Anthony and I set off from Duignam Road at about 11h00. We went up Main Track to Tjoklet's Grotto, with the intention of finishing the survey of the upstream passage. The passage was a little longer than I rememb...

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February 6, 1993, 9:00 pm

6 February 1993 [PGS]

PGS, JV, Richard Holmes, Darin ??

Joan and I left Duignam Road at 13h30. Arrived at Amphitheatre at 14h00. We went into Robin Hood's Cavern at about 14h30. Went straight to junction chamber, and then to the main chamber. Investigated the L passage off the main chamber....

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Surprise Grotto

January 23, 1993, 9:00 pm

23 January 1993 [PGS]


We left Duignam Road before 12h30, and returned before 13h30, having had to bring Christopher back. We again left Duignam Road, after tea and sandwiches, and watching a little Asterix, and made our way Main Track around onto cave peak, and down to Twin Cav...

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