Steenberg plateau

September 11, 1993, 9:00 pm

11 September 1993 [pgs]

Pgs, Muffet

I parked the car at Silvermine nature reserve, and Muffet and I walked along the road to the weir. Muffet went down the bank to have a drink of water and fell in. Being of a somewhat nervous disposition, she would not let go of the bank with her front paws,...

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SASA Meet, Oread Halls

September 4, 1993, 9:00 pm

04 September 1993 [pgs]

SASA meet
Meet leader:Wendy Purdon, Dave ?, Anthony & Peter (Brothers) Colleen ?, JV, pgs

Met at Ponder Road steps at 9h00 and went up main track. Turned off to Boomslang exit, and went in. The ladies explored the first big chamber after the exit, and we moved on to th...

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Polly Loer Maar

August 22, 1993, 9:00 pm

22 August 1993 [pgs]


The Hitchcock family were not at home when I arrived, so I sat in the garden and watched a pair of Double Collared Sun birds looking for pincushions on a flowerless bush. ANH and I eventually left and took the road/path from the car park, around the base of Klein T...

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August 8, 1993, 9:00 pm

8 August 1993 [pgs]

ANH, WH, JH, DH, PGS, Derek Richardson & daughter

The Silvermine car park seems to be the new departure point. We met Derek here, and walked along the road to the base of Klein Tuin Kop, where we branched off the road, and climbed to Ystervark Grot. ANH and I carried on wal...

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August 1, 1993, 9:00 pm

1 August 1993 [pgs]


The day started well. We parked the ANH's BMW and my car at the Silvermine car park and walked across the mountain, via Spes Bona to Duignam Road. The weather was a little threatening, but ANH and I decided to walk back for the cars. At the last mi...

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