Table Mountain

January 1, 1995, 9:00 pm

1 Jan 1995 [pgs]

party:Flip, Joan, pgs

Started from Constantia Nek and climbed Constantia Corner and along the ridge to the Beacon. The path is a little dicey in places. After tea, we crossed De Villiers dam wall, and made our way to Hangman's Drop. From there we went up to Bat's Cave to look...

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Kalk Bay

December 26, 1994, 10:14 pm

26 Dec 1994 [pgs]

party:Micheal Lewis, Dillon & Craig Lewis, Joan, pgs

Went up Main Track, on a very windy day, to the exit of Boomslang, and went through the cave. After looking into Avernus, we climbed up to Oread Halls, and had supper under the skylight. After supper we explored up to the G...

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Jonkershoek Kolmanskop

December 18, 1994, 12:00 pm

18 December 1994 [pgs]

party:Flip de Wet, pgs

After dropping mother off at church, I made my way to Stellenbosch, and was there by 10h00. After a long discussion, we made our way to the foot of Kolmanskop, on the left of Jonkershoek, going in. A long, hard walk, through alien forest plantation...

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Waai Koppie, Orion's Caves

December 16, 1994, 12:00 pm

16-17 December 1994 [pgs]

party:ANH, pgs

Anthony and I climbed Nursery Ravine at the height of a blazing Reconciliation Day noon, and we made our way to the end of Reserve Peak, where we enjoyed a most welcome cup of tea, and finished off a packet of Nutticrust Biscuits between the two of us.


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Tjoklets Grotto

December 14, 1994, 9:00 pm

14 December 1994 [pgs]

party:ANH, JV, pgs

Anthony, Joan and I left Duignam Road, and climbed Main Track to Tjoklet's Grotto. While Joan started the coffee, ANH and I went into the up stream passage with a ming to review the possible mining through the the next section. We thought the near crac...

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