SASA meetKalk Bay cleanup

April 2, 1995, 9:00 pm

2 April 1995 [pgs]

party:Andrew Penney, Andrea, Joan, Steve Craven, Charles Howell + 1 father + 7 scouts, 6x Pinelands 3rd Scout troop.

Meet Report

Kalk Bay cleanup meet Date:2 April 1995

Summary: 21 people and 1 dog spent 7 hours filling 20 bags of rubbish and felling 60 large pine trees....

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Kalk Bay Mossie Den & surface survey

April 1, 1995, 9:00 pm

1 April 1995 [pgs]

party:ANH, JV, pgs

We left Duignam Road after 2pm and made our way up Main Track to Mossie Den. We surveyed over the surface from the top of the ridge down towards Mossie Den, and then surveyed the top of the depression. After tea, during which we found a small bright red sp...

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Six Moles' Cave

March 21, 1995, 9:00 pm

21 March 1995 [pgs]

party:ANH, JV, pgs

I asked Anthony to show me the path that lead up the first part of Cave Peak. After much bundu bashing, we found parts of the path, but it was mostly overgrown. We arrived at the first level, with spectacular views of Ridge Peak and Cave peak. We then tr...

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Kalk Bay

March 14, 1995, 9:00 pm

14 March 1995 [pgs]

title:Kalk Bay - Glen Carlou - Grand Classic

Late in the afternoon, the three of us climbed the contour path, walked up the road, and onto the front plateau. While climbing the road, we pulled out about 20 small australians. We found a place to sit, marginally out of the win...

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Mystery Grotto

February 26, 1995, 9:00 pm

26 Feb 1995 [pgs] party:Joan, ANH, pgs We left Duignam Road and went up to Lower Aladdin Cave via the saddle. The scar of the Friday night fire was clearly visable up the side of Trappies Kop. The fire had been contained to quite a small area. We explored Lower Aladin, and ANH said he could not re...

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