Drip Water Pot

December 1, 2019, 4:00 pm

As the year is drawing to a close, we decided to get one last Kalk Bay caving trip in before we go on holiday. I've been talking about abseiling into Drip Water Pot, so that is what we did today.

We started from Duignham Road around lunchtime, and made our way up Echo Valley to the Amphitheatre. 23 Minutes to Hungry Harry's and 45 minutes to the Amphitheatre.

The Drip Water depression is very overgrown, with a healthy sprinkling of blister bush, and looks like it is seldom visited, even though there are a few plastic bags at the bottom of the pit.

We used two trees as anchors for the rope, and dropped a double rope down the pit. This took 60m of rope, but a single 30m would have been enough. Reece abseiled in first, followed by the bags, then I came down last. Reece had bypassed the first landing and gone on down to the second landing, as this is where the rope ended. We climbed down a few metres more to the bottom of the pit, and explored to top end of the rack passage. The usual steady stream was flowing out of the shale band and down to The Rack passage.

After some more exploring, Reece ascended the rope to first landing spot, and I followed. I had forgotten how taxing this rope climbing can be. Not only am I unfit, but I've forgotten how to ascend, so it was all very hard work for me. Reece seemed to manage just fine.

We stopped for lunch on the top landing, then ducked through into the Rubble Chamber. I heard a bat flying around when I first went in, but did not see it.

We crossed the chamber near the top of the slope, and Reece dropped down a 4m scramble into a side passage and went exploring. He was quite taken by some black rock formations, but did not find any promising passage. He did not manage to get into the lower slot. With more than a little exertion, he managed to extricate himself from the passage, and we made our way back to the rope.

Reece went out first, then pulled the bags up after him. As I was quite tired, I took my time in getting up the rope. I think I need a little more practice!

Thus ended Reece's first trip into Drip Water Pot, and my first time using SRT in the cave. I've always used ladders in the past.

We have decided that we will have to go back to do some more exploring sometime.

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Drip Water Pot