Cape Point Sea Cave Geography Project

July 12, 2019, 4:00 pm

Grade 9 Geography Project Outing

Early morning over False Bay.

Tristan, Nic and Mikael joined Reece and I on our return trip to Puff Adder Cave. After our reconnaissance trip last week, we decided that this would be the best place to video their script as it is easy to get to, and allows views of a sea cave entrance with a safe filming platform.

We were at the Main Gate at Cape Point before 8am and arrived at Booi se Skerm just after sunrise. We would have been there earlier, but the road works man insisted on sweeping the road before allowing us to continue past his little hut.

The Manne on their way to the cave.

We parked at Booi se Skerm, just past the Lime Kiln, and walked to the end of the Venus Pools road. We were all alone, as not even the fishermen had arrived yet.

The Manne on their way to the cave, Paulsberg ahead.

A north-wester must have been picking up, as a distinct plume of cloud was peeling off the top of Paulsberg, but it was very sheltered down where we were.

When the road ended, we continued along the rock ledges. As the sea was so flat, this was not a problem. When we ran out of ledge, we climbed up to the fishermans path that runs above the high tide mark. We stayed up there for most of the rest of the way, as it avoided a lot of scrambling and boulder hopping.

After about 15-20minutes of scrambling and clambering, we finally arrived at Boiler Room Cave. We did not climb down to visit the cave, but stayed on the path and went over the top of the cave entrance.

The gulley next to Boiler Room Cave. Access is at the far southern end, just beyond the patch of bright sunlight.

Boiler Room Cave entrance. Where all of the fishing floats collect.

The documentary makers take a break before heading down to the cave entrance.

The film makers in front of the cave, discussing the best angle for recording.

The work is done, Breakfast Time!

A view of the breakfast spot.

After first breakfast comes second breakfast!

After breakfast, Reece ran off to get some more footage of the Thunder Caves. Once back he went to investigate another possible entrance between Boilder Room and Puffer Adder caves. We wet suit would be required!

The entrance to Puff Adder cave, where is the recording took place.

Cloudy skies.

The sky had clouded over and a light wind was picking up, we decided to return to the car. While the rest of us stuck to the path, Reece popped down to Boiler Room Cave to fetch another buoy.

Production crew above their cave.

The sea channel leading to the cave entrance.

Tristan, Nic and Mikael going over the top of Boilder Room Cave entrance.

Reece returning with his prize from Boilder Room Cave.

The gentle stroll back to the car.

From Venus Pools, we went to Cape of Good Hope and climbed the first little hill to look across at the lower Cape Point lighthouse. Reece went to investigate the path and says there is another valley that we can use to get down to Slimy Boulder Cave and Cormorant Cave. Maybe next time.

The team at a lookout on The Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Point from the view point.

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Cape Point Sea Cave Geography Project