Cape Point Geo Project Recce

July 7, 2019, 4:00 pm
Image: Stack at Cape Point Lighthouse from Cape of Good Hope

Reece and I went looking for caves he could use for his geography project. The criteria were:

  • it should be a sea cave
  • you should be able to stand in or at the entrance
  • you should be able to take a video with commentry
  • the whole group should be able to get to it

Reece looking for a way around the headland

We started at the Cape of Good Hope parking area and went around the headland at sea level. This was not the best idea. Although the route was not too bad, it would not be possible at high tide. A much easier way would be to climb the tourist path and descend the first gully to get to sea level. If there is a second gully, that would be even better. We did not check. Reece climbed a knotted rope and explored the next gully, but did not find the caves, so we returned to the car.


Our next stop was Rooikrans. We climbed down to the stone ruins at sea level looked south, but could not see the entrance to the sea cave. Reece decided that he would like to fish for yellow tail here. Looking north, I took some pictures of Antonies Gat before we headed back up the steep climb to the car.

Antonies Gat as seen from Rooikrans fishing ledges

Antonies Gat as seen from Rooikrans fishing ledges

Black Rocks

We stopped at the parking lot just past the lime kiln, and walked as far as we could along the road, then continued on the path. Half an hour from the car, we found Boiler Room Cave. We climbed down into the gully and thence into the cave. This route would not be possible at high tide.

Boiler Room Cave

The cave is full of rubbish. Fishing floats, old shoes, wood, foam and lots of dead kelp. After exploring the cave, we headed seaward on a ledge on the northern side of the entrance inlet and continued north along the coast. Not much further along, we came to Puff Adder Cave. The sea rushes in to this entrance and crashes on the rocky floor at the back of the cave. This is the place Reece chose to video the commentry. It could get wet at high tide, but it was the best we had found.

Puff Adder Cave

Puff Adder Cave crashing waves

We went a little further to Thunder Cave and spent a few minutes there before returning to the car.

Thunder Cave

Thunder Cave crashing waves

All of the pictures from the walk today

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Cape Point Geo Project Recce