Ronan's Well Through Trip

December 2, 2018, 1:14 pm

Reece and I caught a train from Plumstead to Kalk Bay and walked up Echo Valley. We passed 4 groups on the way up.

There was a little water in the pool at the base of the Voorkamer of Ronan''s Well, but not much. In the tunnel between the top of the stair case and the first pit, we found swarms of midges that may have been mosquitoes. There were also dark triangluar moths, with very reflective eyes. We found moths well past Ronan''s Well. I took some pictures of the visitors book, with the earliest entry being 1935.

Reece climbing the staircase.

Reece climbing the staircase

Mossy and Moth

Crossing the pits

After traversing the narrows, we made our way to the Main Chamber . Someone has thoughfully left a laminated map of the cave with a "You are Here" arrow at Junction Chamber,

Narrows and Main Chamber

Reece explored the high level passage to the left at the end of Ronan''s. The total length of the passage is as follows:

  • 8m from where you start climbing to a small chamber.
  • 6m long triangular chamber.
  • 5m very tight squeeze there after.

Reece turned back as the passage is very narrow. It seems that Oresti, Greg and I have all turned around at the same place. The rock is very white and crumbly. Very pretty. Reece returned from the exploration upside down.

High level passage exploration

We stopped for lunch before heading out. Its a while since I have had such a hard caving day. I took some pictures of the Robin Hood Cavern chamber, which was quite pretty with the light filtering in.

Robin Hood''s Cavern

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Ronan's Well Through Trip