Rhinolophus clivosus, Ceres Cave

Rhinolophus clivosus

  • Common name: Geoffreys Horseshoe bat
  • Location: Ceres Cave, Merwerde Farm
  • Reference: 20120229
  • Photographer: pgs

When Rhinolophus were disturbed, the young bats that were clinging to mothers often ended hanging from the mother. None were seen to fall. Mothers flew around with the young, nearly the same size as the mothers, clinging to them.

The young Rhinolophus are light grey in colour, while the mothers are a light brown. When not being carried by their mothers, the young Rhinolophus were left to roost with the Miniopteris.

Rhinolophus clivosus, Boskloof Cave Rosettus aegyptiacus, Bats Cave