Nycteribiidae wingless fly, parasite

Nycteribiidae wingless fly

These pictures were taken on a Rhinolophus capensis bat. The bat was in deep torpor and did not wake up, despite being handled. After taking the photographs, I put the bat back on the wall.

I returned after about 15 minutes and the bat had flown off, so I obviously disturbed it more than I intended.

On some of the photographs, there are black things in the fur. Unfortunately I only saw these afterwards, so I am not sure what they are. They are possibly parasite faeces, or perhaps the legs of another parasite?

  • Common name: Wingless fly parasite
  • Location: Oumatjie Cave, PLettenberg Bay
  • Reference: 20190629
  • Photographer: pgs

Rosettus aegyptiacus, Bats Cave Beetles sp1, Wynberg Cave